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A Tale of Two Revolutions

Both the American and the French revolutions had significant effect upon the history of mankind, but in very divergent ways. The American revolution was the first time in history that men created a government based upon the principles that God was sovereign over man and man was sovereign over government. The Declaration of Independence placed [...]

Suspend the Elections – Blow the Trumpets

It was Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, the day I first heard North Carolina Democratic Governor Bev Perdue suggest that constitutional elections should be suspended. The reason being floated for suspending the elections was so that politicians could concentrate on the seriousness of the national problems rather than putting effort into being reelected. Even [...]

Crisis of Change and the Debt Ceiling

Earlier this year when the Chinese president visited the United States there was a lot of discussion in the media over whether or not he should have received a state dinner at the White House. What really stood out to me was his airplane.
I noticed that he arrived in an Air China commercial jet [...]

Firearms Preparedness Primer

Firearms 4 Preparedness Primer 2(CLICK HERE)

Air Traffic Control

When Jesus said to his disciples “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” it was because he found them sleeping when he had asked them to pray with him. He wanted them to watch and pray so that they could avoid temptation. This was at a time when he was going through pressure [...]

Demonstrations and Turbulence

There certainly is a lot of unrest in the news these days! From Tunisia to Bahrain, from Greece to Ireland, there have been people in the streets demonstrating and sometimes rioting! What was recently in the middle east has now moved to the mid-west with demonstrators taking over the capital building in Madison, Wisconsin, and [...]

The Egyptian Revolution

By now almost everyone is aware of the story of that ancient middle eastern nation – a cradle of civilization – which was ruled by a strict dictator. Although the dictator was western leaning, and supported in large part by the US government as a stabilizing force in the region, the people, over the years, [...]

Prayer and the Tradegy in Tucson

Last Monday a number of praying citizens converged upon our State Capital building and proceeded to pray for the incoming representatives before they took their oath of office and began the legislative session. We began and ended in the rotunda and in between prayed throughout the Capital building. Every seat in the legislative hall was [...]

The Baby, The Light of the World

Recently some good friends who are part of the FLInt Net family traveled from their home in New Delhi India to the city of Bangalore, in the “Silicon Valley” of India. Their mission was to plant a new church there. They told of many wonderful acts of God while they were there, and miracles and [...]

Terrorism and Liberty

At the conclusion of World War Two American citizens demanded and received a return to normalcy that included lifting all restrictions upon their rights and choices. This was also the case in every previous declared war. In order to win in war citizens understand the need for sacrifice which sometimes includes temporary limitations on normal [...]