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Absent Without Leave

I hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I used my travel time to be with family and to catch up on a few phone calls. I was inspired by a word from a good friend, Jack Tyner, who told me of his visit to Battleship Cove [...]

Air Traffic Control

When Jesus said to his disciples “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” it was because he found them sleeping when he had asked them to pray with him. He wanted them to watch and pray so that they could avoid temptation. This was at a time when he was going through pressure [...]

A Day of Infamy

This is an blog which was originally sent out on Aug 9 2009. As today is Pearl Harbor day. I thought it would be appropriate to send it again as a reminder, and confirmation.
A while back Terri and I went to Japan to visit our daughter and son-in-law while he was stationed there in [...]

Ted Olson, Proposition 8 and Freedom

A number of years ago Ted Olson was our guest here in Missoula for a symposium hosted by the University Law School. This is while he was United States Solicitor General under George W. Bush. This was long before he took up the case against the people of California in the recent Proposition 8 legal [...]

Extravagant Faith

The other morning I went outside to find that about 17 of the bushes in our hedge had been “taken out” by some careless driver sometime late – shortly after the bars in town closed down. I started planting this hedge years ago figuring I’d get the plants while they were small and inexpensive and [...]

Earth Quakes

We have been having a series of earthquakes out here in the northern Rocky Mountains, but nothing like what is happening in other places. Of course Haiti has been devastated and has been the subject of a tremendous outpouring of compassion from Americans and others. We have friends there that we have still not heard [...]

Things that Matter

We had a very interesting meeting at our local minister’s association meeting this week. We began an important discussion by watching a short video called “The Pulpit Initiative” which is on YouTube (see links below). We then proceeded to present a couple of important issues.
The issues discussed included the Montana Personhood amendment, which [...]

Under the Shadow

911 – the numbers are significant and have come to represent the Terrorist’s war against us. The increase of Islamic Terrorist attacks upon our citizens has spiked recently and Government bureaucracy is proving it is incompetent or unwilling or both to take the attacks and the threat seriously. As one who travels internationally fairly regularly [...]

Highly Favored One

God’s ways are not our ways. I’ve been giving some thought to the position that Mary was in after her remarkable visitation when the Angel Gabriel informed her that she would, as a virgin, conceive the son of God and give birth to salvation for the world. That was big news, but there was no [...]

One New Man From Two‏

The scripture says that it is the gentile church that will provoke the Hebrew decedents of Jesus (Yeshua) to jealously and cause them to cry out for their Messiah (Rom 11:11). We have reason to hope that we are entering a period of time when this will occur. There are a number of reasons [...]