Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Sound Investing

Out of the blue the other day thoughts began to flood my mind about investments. The ads I’d been inundated with from TV and electronic media began to overwhelm my thoughts. Gold, silver, stocks, bonds, inflationary hedges, deflationary hedges. It happened so quickly I didn’t even have time to register the meaning of the thoughts [...]


A while ago I had a vision of alarms going off all across what looked like a map of the United States. The alarms looked like the “bell” type alarms that you see on top of alarm clocks. It seemed to me that the Lord was saying that He is trying to wake us up [...]

Amazing Grace

By Lloyd C. Phillips
“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound …” go the words of the well loved song. Yet coming into a practical understanding of grace is no less amazing. The common understanding of the meaning of grace is “unmerited favor.” Yet that definition does not do justice to the workings of grace and how [...]