Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Giving Thanks to God

George Washington was sensitive of giving thanks to God along with the US congress in 1789 and asked for His blessings upon our newly founded nation and national constitution. George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation was the first proclamation made for the nation. Washington was sensitive to choose this not only because it was a Thanksgiving to [...]

GOD not Gov

When God proclaims something, that thing becomes a reality. When God said, “Let there be light”, there was light. No question. What happens when the Government plays God? It didn’t work out so well for King Nebuchadnezzar and worked out even worse for Herod in Acts 12 when he was struck down and died for [...]

One New Man From Two‏

The scripture says that it is the gentile church that will provoke the Hebrew decedents of Jesus (Yeshua) to jealously and cause them to cry out for their Messiah (Rom 11:11). We have reason to hope that we are entering a period of time when this will occur. There are a number of reasons [...]

Halloween Goose‏

Jan Hus was called “The Goose of Bohemia” because Hus means goose in the Czech language. Jan, John in English, became a follower of John Wycliffe who had taught liberty of conscience and the priesthood of all believers that followed the elevation of Scripture over the teachings of men. Wycliffe is most remembered now for [...]

A Season For Jephthahs‏

I recently related the story about being in an African nation where it is said that sacrifice of infant daughters is still practiced. In the church where we were visiting they were singing about Jephthah and his daughter. They were saying that Jephthah killed his daughter. I found this very disturbing and was able to [...]