Posts from ‘March, 2010’

A Kingdom United

I am fond of pointing out that those who wish to be called Christians should be known as such by the fact that they follow the teachings of Jesus and exemplify what He taught. However, I have noticed that one of his greatest students is certainly not a Christian at all, but is our old [...]


A short time ago it was pointed out to me that every mention of Israel on the website of the US Embassy in Jerusalem had been removed. Yet Palestinians were mentioned numerous times. There was plenty about the Palestinians and other Arab groups, but not a single mention of Israel on the website of the [...]

Woe is me

“Woe is me for I am undone”, thus saith the prophet of old. We’re watching a revolution unfold before our very eyes. This is not the revolution of “76”. Whether it be fascist, socialist, or communist is of little consequence to the battle, although it appears the latter is the direction. But it is totalitarian, [...]