Posts from ‘November, 2010’

A Legacy of Blessings

One of the more remarkable events signaling Devine favor on the Pilgrims occurred near the end of their first winter in the new land. A native by the name of Samoset came walking boldly into their town and called out “Welcome” to them in perfect English. After the Pilgrims regained some composure they answered with [...]

First in Peace and War

Nov 14, 2010
I had an interesting dream about a man who was an inventor. It was said about him that everything he invented was to be “first in peace and in war”. He had invented a new rifle cartridge which had become a national sensation. The new cartridge was called a .319 (Three Nineteen) which [...]

Election Night and No Politics

The events of this past election night have been called a Tsunami, an earthquake, and like the Mississippi running backwards. And so it may have been. We have reason for hope. But not all the important events were political.
Tuesday was our regular prayer time with local ministries and we were able to pray with [...]