Earth Quakes

We have been having a series of earthquakes out here in the northern Rocky Mountains, but nothing like what is happening in other places. Of course Haiti has been devastated and has been the subject of a tremendous outpouring of compassion from Americans and others. We have friends there that we have still not heard from, but normal communication is still almost impossible. The reports were interesting about how as many people as could get out of the nation were packed into the airport while Christian relief agencies were circling overhead in their planes trying to get in to help. We’re sending help through connections in the Dominican Republic – the nation on the same island – where as near as we can tell the earthquake didn’t even knock one banana off a tree. The Haitians do not need to be told they are under a curse, they know it. Like New Orleans, it is a hot bed for Voodooism. But there is much cause for hope. Reports we are getting seem to indicate that the Haitian people may be crying out to God. We hear that everywhere anyone goes in the nation people are praying and crying out to God. Our God is able to take what the devil meant for evil and turn it for good. We should be praying for them and with them that this will turn heart of the nation.

Another earthquake happened in Massachusetts! It’s already being called the Scott Heard Around the World, a take from the poem A Shot Heard Round the World, referring to the shot which began the American Revolution also fired in Massachusetts. Perhaps this shot is an indication of a second American revolution? Republican Scott Brown was elected to the Senate Seat held for 40 years by Ted Kennedy. This was a political earthquake of no less dramatic effect in a spiritual sense as the one in Haiti was in a natural sense. I don’t know much about Scott Brown except he drives a truck (so he can’t be all bad) and that he ran on a platform diametrically opposed to the Socialist, light-on-terrorist agenda flowing through Washington. What else I know is that God again showed mercy on our nation and has given us a little more time. Time for what? To wake up, humble ourselves, turn back to God, and ask Him to heal our land. Make no mistake, God is no republican, neither is he a communist or democrat. He is righteous, and it is up to us, His people, to look for righteousness in our representatives and when we find righteousness we should encourage it and support it in every way we can.

Ps 37:39: “But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord: he is their strength in the time of trouble.”

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