Into the Looking Glass

In recent weeks I have been carrying an intercessory burden that will come and go. It’s unlike anything I have felt since the spring of 2001. But I needed more specific definition about the burden I was carrying. As I was out early in the morning praying I asked the Lord for more clarity. As I sat on a log and prayed I heard clearly the words “don’t allow the enemy to sneak up behind you, look into the mirror to see what’s coming.” I actually felt like looking over my shoulder to see if someone were coming up behind me. But in my mind I could see a picture of looking over my shoulder to see anything coming up behind me.

When I got home I told my wife what the Lord had spoken to me and asked her for her impression on what it might mean. She said when I told her what was said she immediately thought of the rear view mirror on her car that says “the objects in the mirror are closer than you think.” We thought that whatever is attempting to “sneak up on us” is closer than it seems.

Interpretation is a very critical part of a revelation and worth spending time, prayer, and council over. I mentioned the word I’d received to a prophetic pastor friend of mine over the phone, and as I did I had a picture of the Greek hero Perseus whom, you will recall, defeated Medusa. Medusa could turn anyone into stone who looked upon her. But by using his polished shield as a mirror he was able to look around objects to “see what was coming” and by seeing Medusa’s reflection in his “mirror”, he was able to safely behead her. He even used that head as a weapon in the future. I had not thought of this story for a possible interpretation before that moment. As soon as I shared it with my friend, he exclaimed that instantly, when I mentioned looking in the mirror to see what was coming, he thought that what is behind us is our history, and the history of our government is Greece, the birthplace of the first republic and inspiration for our republic. When I then brought up an example from Greek mythology he couldn’t keep it to himself.

He thought their history is our history but they have left the balanced blessing of a republic and are suffering grave consequences for doing so. We likewise have left the balanced government of a republic, although much more recently, and are beginning to feel the consequences of doing so. Could it be that what we have been watching in Greece is just around the corner for us, and closer than we think?

I have more to say on this in my next message.

Hos 5:8, “Blow the ram’s horn in Gibeah, The trumpet in Ramah! Cry aloud at Beth Aven,
‘Look behind you, O Benjamin!’

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