Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

The controversy which is raging over the proposed Ground Zero Mosque is interesting in many lights. Most interesting to me is the fact that there has been so much controversy over this proposed project nationally. It has been said that the 9-11 families must be considered because of their lost loved ones. While this is true, the whole nation must be considered; it was the whole nation that was attacked by militant Muslim Jihadists on 9-11. The uproar which is going on is remarkable and encouraging as it means there is a level of awakening occurring. While some misguided government officials and most of the media are crying “Freedom of Religion is at stake,” most Americans are not buying it. Most people realize this is an affront to those who died and to all of us whose nation and way of life was attacked – and continues to be attacked. The population in general is waking up to the nature of the threat and the nature of Islam. Most people realize that the building of this Mosque on this site will be accepted as a war memorial to the terrorists and their “sacrifice.” The phony rhetoric that this is being built to prepare a bridge between cultures is contradicted by the failure to adjust to the outcry of the American population. If it is meant as a bridge at all it is meant as a bridge for Islam to pour its influence into America, but no influence will return across such a bridge. As an example there are over 100 mosques already in NYC, but middle eastern nations dominated by Islam do not allow churches to be built or bibles to be owned or open worship to the God of the Jews and the Christians to be practiced openly.

When the Islamists bought the land in the shape of a crescent around the site of the sacrifice of the brave Americans of flight 93 in Pennsylvania it was not to have a site to honor their sacrifice, but to purchase a huge crescent [click link] surrounding the site to honor the terrorists. It seems most Americans were still asleep when this went on, but thankfully America is awaking to the type of threat we are facing.

Recently I was honored to spend a little time with Kamal Saleem [click link] a trained PLO terrorist miraculously introduced to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I spoke with him about the interesting changes we are seeing here in Missoula. Recently the University has altered its food service program to accommodate the few Muslim students here during the month of Ramadan. Also one of the local schools has hired two Muslim teachers to teach Arabic language and Arabic culture, respectively. It is interesting that we no longer teach traditional American history. This is the type of thing that “the powers that be” are promoting, and just the type of thing the American public are rising up against. Americans do not begrudge accommodations when possible, but what about accommodating the beliefs of the majority of us? We are asking the questions like “Who are we?” and “What has made us who we are?” As is often the case in self discovery one in search of himself often begins by discovering who he is not!

While the Government, the Media, and many spokespersons for Islam repeat again and again that this is a religion of peace, Kamal must travel with two body guards because of the threats on his life and the Islamic fatwa upon him that he be killed. Often we hear media and Hollywood types attempting to draw an equivalency between “extremist Muslims” and “extremist Christians.” Ever ask yourself what an extremist Christian is? Historically this has been a monk or a “holy man” who has gone away to spend time seeking God and in prayer and study of the Bible. Not a crazy man running around the mountains and caves shooting off an AK-47 for the cameras and issuing fatwas upon the Americans. Many consider evangelists such as Graham and Roberts as Christian extremists. Is there any moral equivalency between these types and the types of people who flew planes into buildings on 9-11, shot into crowds of unsuspecting and unarmed crowds of innocent people while yelling “Allah Akbar” – Allah is great? People are waking up to these discrepancies, and none too soon.

The foundations of Christianity are based upon the teachings of Christ such as “love your neighbor; do unto others as you would have them do unto you; and pray for your enemies.” Islam on the other hand is the only religion which sanctions murder by law.

Recently a dear friend shared a letter with me written by a Christian relative in Afghanistan. He wrote, “[W]e are currently in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan…. this month is historically one of the most violent and deadly for both US and Afghan forces; not only do the military members suffer, but also the Afghan people. I recently witnessed a group of children blown up by Taliban forces. These kids were no more than 12yrs old…. they were on their way home from school, when an RPG was fired … They were children, who never had an opportunity to live life…. All I could think of was the spiritual connotations….whether you believe it or not there is a principality of violence that has spiritual control over these people…. I do not hate them; its like I can see who and what God has for them, and it is truly amazing….. too long have these innocent men, women and children suffered here. Their only hope is for a miracle that no amount of American soldiers can provide…. If anything is to be done, it must be done by the Body of Christ…. That’s us. The only hope that they have is our prayers and His power…. I ask you all to help fight the spiritual battle here and abandon yourselves to Christ’s plan for these people. This demonic influence in this country is strongest during this month, … On the last night they believe that no matter what they do, if they die they will go to heaven. The last three days of Ramadan are the key to the entire month of fasting…. the dates are Sept 9th, 10th and 11th…. I feel that God is asking us to fight this spiritual battle, and break the chains that bind these people. ”

Ramadan is always a time of murder and mayhem in Islam. Compare this with the peace that surrounds Christian celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Jesus said we can know by the fruit. Americans are waking to the fruit.

It is our Christian call to be salt and light to the oppressed. Fear runs and hides – this is a natural reaction to a supernatural situation. To be controlled by it is cowardice, to control it is courageous. Kamal encouraged me that Muslims are not our enemy, Islam is, and any failure is a prayer failure. Our duty to God is the salvation of souls and our great victory will be the salvation of the Muslims. Love is the greatest power of all.

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Rom 8:31

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