The Baby, The Light of the World

Recently some good friends who are part of the FLInt Net family traveled from their home in New Delhi India to the city of Bangalore, in the “Silicon Valley” of India. Their mission was to plant a new church there. They told of many wonderful acts of God while they were there, and miracles and deliverance for people abounded. There is one story I would like to relate to you here.

There was a Muslim, I’ll call him Yosef, who had received a dream which was perplexing him. He took it to various people for an interpretation but could find no one to help him. Finally it was recommended that he take his dream for interpretation to Pastor James and his family who were down from New Delhi.

In his dream the man was traveling down a road until he came to a crossroad. At the crossroad was a holy man who spoke to him saying “if you want your life to continue on as it has been continue on this road, but if you want to change and receive all that you desire than turn here and follow this road.” So Yosef made the turn and began to ask himself “what is it that I desire above all else?” He concluded that what he desired more than anything else was children, he loved children. As he traveled and as he made this decision he met a woman and the woman had a baby boy. She said to him that she knew that he wanted children and he could have this one and she handed him to Yosef. He went away rejoicing with the baby and began to show him to people that he met along the way. But some people came after him and began to tell Yosef that he could not keep this baby and that the woman surly did not intend for him to take the baby but only hold it. So Yosef went to find the woman to ask if she had really given the baby to him? When he located the woman he asked her “did you give this baby for me to keep or only to hold, is this baby mine or yours?” She answered that she had given him the baby for him to keep, but that it was not only a gift for him, but for the whole world. At this moment the woman lifted the baby up in her arms and he began to glow and glowed brighter and brighter until he became a great light and filled the earth.

Once Pr. James heard this story he said “it seems like God is trying to tell you about the Lord Jesus, because he is the child that was given to the whole world and he is the light of the world and was sent to show us salvation and the path to God.

Yosef said “is this the same Jesus whom the Koran says was a prophet and ascended into heaven and will return to judge the whole earth?” “Yes” answered James, “and it seems He is interested in your life.” Yosef accepted the interpretation and stated that it must be near to His coming to judge the earth if He is calling to people in such a way. Yosef has joined himself to the church and has been attending ever since.

And so it is at this time of year that we celebrate the coming of Jesus to the world in Bethlehem as a baby placed in a manger. He said He was the Way the Truth and the Life and the Light of the world. It is with His words in mind that I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and the most prosperous of New Years.

John 8:12, “Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

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