A Day of Infamy

This is an blog which was originally sent out on Aug 9 2009. As today is Pearl Harbor day. I thought it would be appropriate to send it again as a reminder, and confirmation.

A while back Terri and I went to Japan to visit our daughter and son-in-law while he was stationed there in the Navy. They had a schedule all lined out for us to visit various sites and cities while we were there and we looked forward to a wonderful time being with them. On our first day of sight seeing they took us to Nagasaki. This is the site of some of the most remarkable ship building in the world. It is also a city which housed a great underground Christian population during the days of great persecution against the early church. It is also the site of many crucifixions of Christian martyrs and it was quite an emotional experience to visit the sites of Christian martyrdom there. When we were there it was a great outing day for the schools and all the school kids wanted their photos taken with the Americans (we were the only ones) and to practice their English. But Nagasaki is most noted for being the site of the last great bomb to be dropped during World War II, effectively bringing that war to a close.

Interestingly, the date they took us to Nagasaki was December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. In a sense December 7th represents the beginning of the war for the US and Nagasaki represents the end of the war. It was on this day that a nation which prided itself on Honor and moral conduct attacked through betrayal an ally and friend, the USA, and picked a fight it was bound to lose. When the bombs were sent to Japan, the peace medals which had been presented by Japan to the USA shortly before the war were attached to the bombs and “returned”.

In March of this year the Spirit clearly said to me we had been betrayed by the current administration which is in power in our nation. He meant both the citizens of the nation, and specifically Christians of this nation had been betrayed. I felt at the time it signaled a change in direction and a difficult time ahead, first uncovering the betrayal and deception and then reversing it.

Interestingly on the same day that we were in Nagasaki, a good friend was in Hawaii with his family visiting Pearl Harbor. Being a Navy man himself he understood the significance of being at the USS Arizona memorial on that day. He was thoughtful enough when prompted by the spirit to acquire for me as a Christmas gift a US flag flown over that consecrated site on that honored day. When he later presented it to me as a gift, I explained that on the same day he was in Pearl Harbor we were in Nagasaki. That flag came to represent both the Beginning and the End. I later took that flag, also with a photo of our family at the Peace memorial in Nagasaki and put it in a shadow box that hangs in our hallway. It also contains the certificate of authenticity from the Navy Commander and a piece of paper with a verse that I added -

Rev 22:13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”

And so it is today, the 64th anniversary of the ending of that war by the dropping of that bomb that we find ourselves in yet another war. It is a war precipitated by betrayal not unlike that other war King Herod unleashed by betrayal after trying to deceive the Magi. A war against the innocents, and against our Lord Jesus Christ. One unlike any this nation or the church has yet seen. But take heart, even as the giant in authority, the Body of Christ, is awakening; Our Lord has already called the end before it began. We win in Him!

Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure.


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